10 Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

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In today’s world, most of the beauty products in the market are full of chemicals which may have a negative effect on our bodies. Natural beauty products are readily available or easy to make in our homes. They are cheap and contain no harmful substances to our health.

1. Honey Face Mask

Raw honey can be used to make your skin soft and beautiful due to its natural antibacterial effect. One needs to use a tablespoon of the raw honey but not the processed one once a week. Warm it by rubbing your fingertips together and then apply it on your face. Allow it to dry for five to ten minutes then rinse your face gently using warm water. Then relax around with the honey glow over your face all day long.

2. Egg and Banana Hair Treatment

You can make your hair shine by simply mixing a mashed up banana and one egg. Apply a thick paste of the combination to your hair, and then leave it to dry for ten to thirty minutes. Rinse your hair using your normal ways. Apart from making the hair shine, it is a medication for psoriasis.

3. Drink a lot of Water

One should take at least 8 ounces per serving or approximately half a gallon of drinking water per day. Water helps in re-hydrating the body making sure that any loss of it is replaced thus ensuring a well hydrated and soft skin.

4. Gentle Natural Body Scrub

This type of natural body scrubbing is done by mixing sea salt and olive oil in the ratio of 1/2. The purpose of the olive oil is to moisturize the skin while the sea salt will scour (scrub) away the body dead tissues. This leaves the skin softer and a more glowing natural skin.

5. Baking Soda Shampoo

This is used where a person feels that their oily hair is having negative effects on the scalp and skin. This can be achieved by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with some water to get a semi coarse paste. The paste is applied to the scalp exhaustively using the finger points and then rinses your hair normally. Naturally baking soda is coarse and the chemical in it helps in pulling out the dirt from your hair which eradicates oil issues.

6. Elbow and Knee Skin Brightener

This is done by cutting an orange into two parts and then rubbing it on your knees and elbows. Leave it dry and then rinse it with water. It helps in softening the rough patches.

7. Honey and Egg Shampoo

This can be made by mixing three tablespoons of organic honey with three organic eggs then blend it until a soft substance is achieved. Apply the egg/honey shampoo into your hair, thoroughly scrub it and then rinse with water. It leaves your hair shiny and soft.

8. Matcha Tea Skincare

It is made by simply applying the green tea into a fine rub, then use a fine brush to rub it on to your breakouts. Then leave the powdered rub to dry for ten to thirty minutes and wash it off with water. It works excellently in acne break out.

9. Simple Shaving Cream

One can replace shaving cream with natural coconut oil for the legs. The coconut oil will give you a clear smooth shave leaving your skin soft and without rashes.

10. Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner

Melted coconut oil can be used for scalp treatment and hair conditioning. The coconut is massaged into the scalp and then spread it thoroughly to the hair. It is then left on for a couple of hours and finally washed with water. This leaves your hair soft and shiny.


These simple all natural beauty tips may require you to practice them often in order to get the best results. They are almost free in terms of money and no side effects with almost 100 percent effectiveness rate.